Resine polymérique (Version française à venir)

In April of 2008, Acuro introduced the first NSF-61 compliant spray-applied structural polymeric resin for the rehabilitation of 2'' diameter potable water mains and up. Acuro’s rehabilitation method aims at the structural reinforcement and rehabilitation of distribution and transmission water mains, pipelines and conduits by the installation of a formulated fast set polymeric resin liner, which is spray formed to the original conduit by use of a hand spray or robotic sprayer.

The polymeric resin is a thermoset material cure applied using impingement mixing under hydraulic pressure within the tube. The lining is continuous and will directly bond to the pipe.

The polymeric resin is structural by definition, since it exceeds the physical requirements of the CIPP (Bag-Liner) ASTM-1216 standard, widely accepted in the trenchless rehabilitation industry.

The fast set nature of the polymeric resin (gels in seven seconds, tack free in 30 seconds) allows the return to service on the same day of work, rendering optional the use of a bypass system. Thousands of dollars (and headaches) can thus be saved by not having to install a bypass system.

Lining to last a lifetime

  • 7 sec. gel time
  • 75-100 years lifespan
  • 10% elongation, not brittle
  • No VOC’s, resistant to biofilm formation, 100% solids
  • Smooth surface allows water to flow easier - saving energy costs
  • High resistance to pressure, corrosion, impacts, abrasion and chemicals
  • Bridges gaps up to 1/8 inch