Spraying Rig

The spraying rig, ISO-9001:2000 Certified, is built to accommodate the multitude of infrastructure rehabilitation applications using robotic or manual sprayers, providing flexibility, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements.


The hose reel is designed to hold up to 210 meters (700 ft.) of 2-1/4” diameter hose. The reel speed is electronically controlled and has a sensor on the reel to close the loop on the pulling speed. The pull speed is accurate throughout the entire pull even as the diameter of the hose spool changes. The reel has a built in spooler that keeps the hose evenly spaced as it is wound. There is a sensor on the lower wheel that rides on the hose as it travels in and out which is used to monitor the speed of the pull.

Metering Unit

The piston meter is especially suited to dispense low viscosity materials such as polymeric resin. The reciprocating drive cylinder controls the flow rate as well as pressure. The metering cylinders pump material in both directions allowing continuous dispensing operation. The model utilizes a modular design, allowing quick change service of the displacement cylinders and minimizes downtime. The reliable hydraulic drive makes this the perfect unit for manual or automated dispensing applications.

Supply System

The supply system using “pogo” style IPM pumps mounted in 55 gallon drums to fill the meter during the dispensing/spraying cycle. The drums are mounted in quick-release, sealed connectors for easy removal when changing drums. The resin side has an air-operated agitator to keep any fillers and pigments mixed and also has a needle valve to adjust the speed of agitation.

Control System

This controller is programmed to operate and control all of the functions on this system as well as to continually monitor operations. The system tracks 24 Faults during operation, some with shut down capacity and others with just warning capability. In addition, the PLC captures 7 critical data points every 10 seconds during Automatic operation. This data is retrievable through the Ethernet port on the front of the control panel.

Sled & Dispense Nozzle

The sleds are designed in ranges of pipe diameters. There are specific, non-adjustable sleds for the different pipe diameters. Each sled has spring-loaded, replaceable runners to both centre the sled and allow for imperfections in the pipe. The dispensing gun is mounted on the centreline of each sled and can be easily removed for maintenance purposes. Dispensable Tip system guarantees performance on each individual spray.

Acuro's Spraying Rig Main Components

  • Spraying Rig
  • Reel
  • Metering Unit
  • Supply System
  • Control System
  • Sled & Dispense Nozzle