Water Main Structural Assessment

The structural state of municipal metallic water mains is poorly known. Usually, the only information available includes:

  • The Material
  • Year of Installation
  • Water Quality Issues
  • Leakage/Breaks History

This information is often insufficient to properly plan a preventive maintenance or rehabilitation program.

Thanks to our Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Probe, Acuro offers a method to assess the structural integrity of potable water mains. This technique determines, in a continuous manner, the residual wall thickness of metallic mains as well as diagnosing their structural state (AWWA - Class 1 to 4).

Presented in the form of tables and diagrams, the results describe:

  • The location and size of metal losses detected by the probe such as pitting.
  • Internal and external corrosion.
  • Geometric events
  • Wall thickness in continuous.

Sample Diagram

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Eddy Current Probe


Eddy-Current sensors are useful in any application requiring the measurement or monitoring of the position of a conductive target, especially in a dirty environment.