Completed within one or two days

In summary, the work steps are:

  • Civil Work
  • Installation of by-pass system (if required)
  • Water main cleaning and drying
  • Structural assessment
  • Spray-apply lining (non, semi or fully structural)

    Installation of a formulated Polymeric Resin liner which is spray-formed to the host water main by use of a robotic sprayer and umbilical cord. The polymeric resin is a thermoset material cure applied using impingement mixing under hydraulic pressure within the tube. The liner is continuous and tight fitted to the host structure.

    The liner consists of one or more layers of applied liner to meet the level of rehabilitation required from non, to semi to fully structural.

  • Drill-open service connection from inside main if required
  • CCTV Video Inspection
  • Disinfection and water quality sampling
  • Site restoration

United States Environmental Protection Agency
May 2009 Report

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"If you've got that host pipe there-regardless of its condition-as long as it's roundish, that's a huge asset. Things can be pulled in and worked with."

Tim Henry P.E.

National practice leader in corrosion technology with UMA Engineering Ltd