Manhole Rehabilitation

Same Day Return to Service

The equipment used for the application of the polymeric resin has been manufactured by an ISO 9001 Registered firm. In summary, the work steps include:

  • Set up. Set up crew on-site as per local Safety Regulations’ requirements. The interior walls of the host structure are carefully inspected to determine the location and need of repair of any conditions which may prevent the proper installation of the liner system.
  • Surface Preparation. Surfaces are power-washed to remove all greases and oils from the substrate.
  • Installation. Polymeric resin is then sprayed at approximately 2mm to 3mm thick, providing a sealed, mechanically reinforced as well as a chemical bonded material to the substrate.
  • Completion. Following project completion, we will restore the project area affected by the operations to a condition at least equal to that existing prior to the start of work. Photos of the lined structures are provided.

Because of the unique physical properties and curing time of the polymeric resin, in addition to constant improvements to the equipment, we can clean and line manholes, chambers, and also potable water mains in a manner that the infrastructure can be returned to service on the same day of work.

Benefits of Acuro's Green Trenchless Lining

  • +50% savings compared to replacement
  • Same day return-to-service
  • Waterproof, impermeable, structural membrane, corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Extend infrastructure service life for 75-100 years
  • Trenchless technologies reduces the risk of accidents, traffic deviations, inconveniences to residents and dust
  • Many environmental benefits by using trenchless technology such as a reduction in CO2 emissions and use of existing infrastructure