City of Pembroke, Ontario

April 2010

Project Overview


Spray-apply fast-set polymeric resin to rehabilitate 120 meters of 200mm diameter potable water mains.

Issues & Objectives:

Improve water quality and increase flow/pressure. Evaluate spray-on rehabilitation technology.

Work Method:

Clean, dry and spray-apply fast-set NSF61-5 and ASTM-F1216 Standard compliant polymeric resin. Water main structural assessment using electromagnetic Eddy-current probe.

Project Benefits

  • Immediate water quality improvement
  • Water main structural reinforcement
  • Flow / pressure increase
  • Add several decades of service life
  • 50% savings compared to replacement
  • Deposits and sediments will not attach to the liner
  • Reduced flushing and maintenance activities
  • Service lines connection are well sealed
  • Prevent leakage and breaks
  • Eliminate internal corrosion and prevent build-up

Environmental Benefits

  • Minimal amount of excavations
  • Small access pits vs. open trenches
  • Reduced dust and other inconvenience to customers and no traffic disruptions
  • Safe access to surrounding homes and business
  • Use of existing infrastructure as the host pipe
  • No disturbances to surrounding infrastructure
  • Reduced noise, use of heavy equipment and accident risks
  • Low CO2 emission