Town of Greater Napanee, Ontario

July 2010

Project Overview


Spray-apply fast-set polymeric resin to rehabilitate 609 meters of 150mm diameter potable water mains.

Issues & Objectives:

Improve water quality and increase flow/pressure. Evaluate spray-on rehabilitation technology to line bitumen coated water mains.

Work Method:

Clean, dry and spray-apply fast-set NSF61-5 and ASTM-F1216 Standard compliant polymeric resin.

Project Benefits

Quotes by Peter Dafoe, Napanee Utilities Manager
  • "We conducted fire flow tests, as per NFPA-291, on Simcoe and Marilyn Avenue. All hydrants were previously rated as Class B or orange (rated capacity of 1900-3780 l/min) prior to relining. The hydrants are now rated as Class A or green (3785-5675 l/min)".
  • "We also noted a significant increase in our chlorine residual in that area".
  • "... costing less than 50% of replacement".
  • "... renewed public confidence in their drinking water system".

Environmental Benefits

  • Minimal amount of excavations
  • Small access pits vs. open trenches
  • Reduced dust and other inconvenience to customers and no traffic disruptions
  • Safe access to surrounding homes and business
  • Use of existing infrastructure as the host pipe
  • No disturbances to surrounding infrastructure
  • Reduced noise, use of heavy equipment and accident risks
  • Low CO2 emission